I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me; I am genuinely moved by your kindness. Thank you again and again…

all the best to you,

[Letter from our client]

Hi Robyn-
So its under pretty tragic circumstances that I’m writing you but couldn’t think of anyone who might get it like you. Tuesday I have to bury another friend to drug and alcohol abuse, 3rd person in the last year. I’m convinced that our little community here has a real epidemic, I don’t know the answers. But I guess just basically I needed to thank you and tell you how eternally grateful I am to you. As I’ve moved on in my life since Sunset Malibu there’s not a day that goes on that your voice isn’t in my ear encouraging and helping me through.

I’m signing papers on my very first house this week also. I don’t know why but in all the pain and all the accomplishment of my life lately you keep coming to mind. So with all my heart I thank you for seeing me through my worst times, and giving me a chance at having this future. Your words of wisdom, love and support are louder than u will ever know in my life, and I thank you.

-Love and best wishes always

[Letter from our client]

Staff is genuine, caring and compassionate. Setting is gorgeous, and food is nutritional and yummy.
[Excerpt from our exit survey]

From the moment I called, the staff understood that I had a problem. I was treated like a patient – not a criminal.
[Excerpt from our exit survey]

Dear Georgina,

There aren’t enough words to thank you and Sunset Malibu for giving me a new way of life– but as you know I have never been lost for words so here goes. When I walked through your doors on the evening of June 11th, 2011 I was a girl lost. I had been using every day for over 20 years and I was a shadow of myself. I believed I was nothing, any self-esteem that remained was now gone and I considered myself a liar, a cheat and knew I would surely die a lonely addict. It didn’t take long for a meek smile to come to my face. The warmth I felt from you and your staff was enveloping. I was still afraid but I trusted, I was willing and I knew if I didn’t get in under the reasons why I had self-medicated for so long I would be emotionally dead before long. The first day in treatment was tentative for me, but the RA’s you employ are so well educated, so compassionate and supportive that though I was in rehab I felt like there was a new family brewing around me and the help I so desperately needed was finally at hand. I was also immediately welcomed by my fellow recovering addicts, taken under their wing so I could slowly learn to fly like those before me; it was the look in their now clear eyes. I had the honor and pleasure of working with the finest therapist I had ever met in my life, Patricia. She saw through my pain, she saw the little girl in me that had been broken down so many years ago, and with compassion, wisdom and intelligence was able to chisel away at the mask I had warn since I was a child. Not only was Patricia incredible but each therapist we worked with in group was inspiring, knowledgeable and so well versed in the modality of recovery. I love the fact that you employ (some) therapists and (all) RA’s that are recovering addicts, with many years of sobriety, so that they truly understand our plight and can converse on a true level with those of us who had lost ourselves by way of addiction.

Whether we were alcoholics, drug addicts, or suffered from eating disorders we fit like a glove and were matched with the best therapist to help us through the pain and sorrow we had been encompassed by for months or years or decades.

To say that Sunset Malibu is a beautiful place to find sobriety is an understatement. With magnificent chefs, gorgeous roomy rooms, the finest furnishings and the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean I couldn’t imagine a better place on the planet to find serenity, inner peace and the tools to live a joyous, sober life, one day at a time.

As I mentioned, I am never at a lost for words, but the words I write to you are the most heartfelt I have ever written. I will always be indebted to you and the staff of Sunset Malibu. You have changed my life. I am now the me I was born to be. You have set me free.

-With much love and gratitude

[Letter from our client]

When I saw Sunset for the first time, my fear disappeared and I knew it was the place for me.
[Excerpt from our exit survey]

I will always be grateful to Sunset for the direction you gave me. Your supportive and caring staff helped me tremendously in identifying the type of drug treatment that I needed. Thanks again.
[Excerpt from our exit survey]

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