Help Mild Depression Naturally

Individuals can help alleviate their mild depression symptoms many different ways without medications. Healthier homeopathic alternatives may be effective in treating mild cases of depression and a much healthier option than starting prescription drugs.  Choices include exercise, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation. Here are two suggestions to try.

  • Laugh: Laughter is the best medicine.

Depression is not something to laugh about, but laughing can actually help ease depression symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic. Laughing helps with short and long-term depression symptoms. It stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins released in your brain.  Also increased oxygen circulation and muscle relaxation both help reduce some physical symptoms of depression. Positive thoughts actually release neuropeptides that help your immune system handle stress and thus prevent some depression symptoms from developing. Watch a favorite comedy on TV, read a book of jokes or try to make funny faces in a mirror when feeling down. Try to make smiling a habit and watch the responses of people you encounter; you might be surprised how this simple act can lift your mood.

  • Eat Better: Having a poor diet can make you more vulnerable to depression.

Eating better really is not as hard as it seems.  Dieting is hard and so is eating healthy; eating “better” just takes action. Research has shown a relation between depression symptoms and diets high in processed meat, chocolates, sweet desserts, fried food, refined grains and high-fat dairy products. To eat better, try to change your habits by not eating out certain days of the week.  Perhaps make only Saturday dessert day, but make it special. Buy a tasty chunk of steak and cook it at home in ten minutes, instead of a buying a supersized, triple patty cheeseburger. Eating better can help make a person feel better and is definitely good for overall health.

Sometimes there are simple solutions to better deal with the issues life throws our way. Making the decision to try to change something in our lives is not complicated, but does require some continued effort. There are many ways to help deal with daily stress and ease symptoms of mild depression. Keep your eyes on this blog for more helpful tips.

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