How to Meditate Without Meditating

It sounds like not really meditating, but the informal practice of mindfulness meditation is real meditation.
These are “everyday actives of life that can support the cultivation of mindfulness,” writes Karen Kissel Wegela, Ph.D. on Psychology Today. “When we engage in these activities, especially if we are willing to let go of distractions like listening to an iPod or playing the car radio, they give us the chance to tune into what is happening right now. We can pay attention to our sense perceptions, our emotions, and our thoughts.”

All you have to do is tweak your intentions and the next thing you know…you are practicing mindful meditating. Many successful people credit meditating for sharp focus, high productivity and the flow of creative juices. Below are a few ways to add some meditation to your life provided by Sunset Malibu drug treatment center.

•    Try Some Mindful Cleaning. Pick a chore (bed making, vacuuming, etc.) and transform it into a head-cleaning activity. Do it with a purpose and with all your attention on the task at hand.
•    Find Some Zen in Shower. Take your shower off auto-pilot and make everything more intentional. Be mindful of setting the water temperature, the smell of the soap, the sound of the water.
•    Go for a Run—Sans iPod. Be more aware of your body. Engage all your senses in what you’re doing. Breathe in synch with the rhythm of your footsteps.
•    Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane. Next time you are looking through an album, recall the person and the moment. Savor your past; appreciate your experiences.
•    Drink Your Morning Coffee—Without Distraction or Rush. Choose to slow down. Focus and concentrate on drinking the coffee or tea. Even if your morning routine includes a public coffee shop, you can still concentrate on your experience.
•    Cook Something Using Heart and Attention. Consciously feel every step. Focus on each part of what you are doing. Quiet your thoughts.
•    Write in Your Journal. The small, but important daily parts of our lives can get lost in the craziness of our rush through life. Record the whole day or just a few things that you are thankful for.
•    Go Stargazing. Look up—at the stars or just away from your phone. It’s the perfect moment to be present. Take note of your surroundings. Go through your five senses and observe every sensation.

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