It’s 2017: Turning Your Resolutions into Reality

It’s 2017: Turning Your Resolutions into Reality


There’s a lot of talk about resolutions up through New Year’s Day. Then, the real work of doing, or not doing, what we set out to do becomes real. It’s the first week of the new year. What are you going to do to make your resolutions a reality? Here are six tips that might move you toward a good result.


  1. Be positive. If you start off the new year without a real commitment to change or believing you are going to fail, you’ve already stopped yourself before you’ve even begun. Have a good attitude. It’s the best advantage you can give yourself.


  1. Set goals. Thinking that you want to lose “some weight” in the new year is different than setting a goal to lose “ten pounds by March 15.” Create realistic goals on a timeline, write them down, and check in on your progress regularly.


  1. Get help. You may have set a goal to cut back or quit drinking or using drugs. That’s a great goal, but if you’ve got a significant substance abuse problem, you’re going to need help reaching it. Seek out professional support when necessary. This will help you reach goals that you might not be able to achieve on your own.


  1. Be realistic. Not everyone is going to be able to run a marathon on the first day of training. In fact, if you’re not already a professional or experienced athlete who specializes in distance activities, you’ve probably got a long way to go to become a marathoner. So find a quality training program and get started. The time is going to pass whether or not you work toward your goal. Just recognize that it might take a little time to get there.


  1. Slips happen. You are trying to lose weight, but there’s a birthday cake in the lunch room – chocolate fudge – your favorite kind. You were OK having a small piece, but you snuck back in later for a bigger slice. Don’t worry about it and don’t give up on your weight loss plan. Slips happen. With your next meal, get right back onto your healthy eating program. Little steps will get you where you want to go.


  1. Enlist support. Not all the help you’ll need to make your resolutions reality will be from professionals. Let your friends know what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them. If you want to be healthier, see if your buddy at work will walk with you on your lunch break or let the crew know that it would be better for your health not to order that shared plate of cheese sticks. Your friends want you to succeed and will help.


Making change isn’t easy, but you can be one of the people who is successful. Recognize that in most cases, you are talking about a lifestyle adjustment. Ask for help and set realistic short and long term goals. Before you know it, it will be 2018 and you will be a New Year’s success!

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