Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Did you know that there are many ways to deal with anxiety that do not involve a trip to the pharmacy? Here are a few that might help you when you’re feeling anxious. Anxiety and Depression treatment programs are always an option, but the best types of treatment involve a combination of natural and therapeutic solutions.

  1. Massage – Massage relaxes the musculature of the body and reduces stress. Regular massage can help the body self-regulate more effectively, helping to limit the hold of generalized anxiety and reduce the number and severity of panic attacks.
  2. Good Nutrition – There are some foods, such as beverages that are highly caffeinated, that promote anxiety. But a healthy diet, one that has a lot of leafy greens, fruits, and water, can actually diminish your anxiety response over time.
  3. Aromatherapy – Pleasant smells, particularly lavender and the use of essential oils such as rose, jasmine, or sandalwood can ease anxiety. Try smelling one of these if you feel anxious feelings arising.
  4. Mind-Body Relaxation Techniques – There are many different types of meditation and relaxation strategies that you can choose from. Studies have shown that various types of mindfulness meditation actually create changes in biochemistry, literally relieving a person of the chemicals that cause anxious feelings.
  5. Take Appropriate Risks – When feeling anxious, we very often begin to cease doing “daring” things, and our lives become smaller. We no longer go out to places we haven’t been before or want to meet new people. Force yourself, whenever possible, to take appropriate risks. Go out to the new campground with your friends or meet the guy in accounting who transferred from another office. Pushing against the anxiety often will make it disappear. Every time it doesn’t win, you do.

Effective depression treatment and treatment for anxiety can change your life for the better. A healthy approach that doesn’t rely on medication is the best and most enduring course of action.

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