What People with PTSD Wish You Knew

PTSD, trauma, recoveryIt’s not always easy to live with someone who suffers from PTSD. There are accommodations that need to be made so that the person with PTSD can be comfortable most of the time. Loud noises can up-end what was otherwise a really good day. A misplaced hand or unexpected interaction can cause a startle response so profound that it could take days to be worked through and overcome. No one means to cause such responses. They just happen as part of daily life for those who suffer from PTSD. But there are things you can be aware of to make the lives of PTSD sufferers easier.

Melissa McGlensey with themighty.com recently wrote an article “41 Truths People with PTSD Wish Others Understood.” Here are a few of the truisms she included in that piece.

“Telling me my greatest fears aren’t real or going to happen doesn’t help me. I understand they can seem outrageous at times, but prior to my traumatic experience, had I told you something like that was going to happen, you would have said ‘no way.’” — Monika Schneider

“Even though it’s 13 years since [my sexual assault], when I’m having a panic attack, it feels like it was 13 days ago. It isn’t in my past. It’s in my every day.” — Helen Wilson

“Don’t corner me and don’t touch me when I’m anxious. I can’t control this. It controls me.” — Cara Pair

The National Institutes of Health state that PTSD affects nearly 8 million Americans, not all military veterans. PTSD can negatively impact the lives of physical or sexual abuse or rape survivors, those who have been through terrorist attacks or natural disasters. PTSD often co-occurs with substance abuse, as individuals try to self-medicate their PTSD symptoms. If you or someone you love needs help, seek it. There are quality, evidence-based interventions that can reduce your symptoms.

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