There are times where the first step to healing from alcohol and drug dependence is to go through a safe, comfortable and supervised detoxification process. Under the supervision of your own personal doctors, Sunset Malibu will make that experience as seamless and comfortable as possible at our on-site detox facility.

The way the body reacts to the ridding the itself of the drugs and alcohol it has become dependent on is defined as withdrawal. As a result of your body no longer ingesting the substances in which have become dependent, withdrawal takes hold and causes craving for more of the drugs and/or alcohol being depleted.

The length of time when the body is trying to overcome its dependence is referred to as the detoxification or “detox” period.

When admitting to Sunset Malibu, many of our clients need to Detox as their first necessary step in the process of successfully recovering from dependence to drugs and alcohol. As difficult as the necessary process may be, our professional staff insures that your detox will be as comfortable as possible.

Take a Tour of our facility and see what Sunset Malibu can do for you during your treatment.

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