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Sunset Malibu is a holistic, fully integrated, luxury treatment center. We use an evidence-based approach to help people completely recover from all behavioral disorders. We recognize that you are in pain and that you have become entrenched in depressive patterns that render you hopeless.  Our mission at Sunset Malibu is to help you recover joy and optimism and recognize all of the wonderful possibilities that are waiting for you in life.

We treat depression by changing the core beliefs and behaviors that lead to the depression in the first place.  We have found that people who orient towards a pessimistic outlook generally do not succeed in the areas of their life in which they are pessimistic.  For example, if you are pessimistic about relationships, you do not succeed at relationships.  When this failure becomes a reality, depression sets in.  The depression then leads to more pessimism and the two feed off each other until the situation feels completely hopeless.  You feel like you are sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand.  At Sunset Malibu, we help you to get out of the habitual pattern of orienting toward pessimism and instead orient towards optimism.  We use a specific method to achieve this: first we help you to become aware that the pattern (pessimistic thinking) exists.  Next, we help you to recognize when it is occurring.  Finally, we help you transition to a behavior pattern of optimism and hopefulness that will bring you to a place of thriving and put you on the road to achieving whatever it is you want in life.  Consistently practicing the new behavior pattern works to prevent the depression from returning.

Our proven methods at Sunset Malibu are comprised of cutting edge protocols and therapies. We will provide you with daily therapy, intensive one-on-one sessions with your own personal therapist, developing a continuum of care that creates long lasting behavioral change. Our team of professional clinicians will support you on every level – mind, body, and spirit — to help you process and overcome the underlying issues that are keeping you from living the most fulfilling life possible. Through active participation in our carefully integrated and dynamic program, you will experience long lasting and evolving life-change.

Our staff is keenly aware that in order to do this deep and personal work you require a customized treatment program that meets your individual needs. In addition to one-on-one therapy, you will also receive a range of holistic treatments that include experiential therapies (such as equine assisted therapy), complementary medical practices (such as acupuncture), whole-health therapies (like massage, yoga, and orthomolecular medicine) and biomedical support in the form of your own personal medical doctors and psychiatrist.

At Sunset Malibu, we have many clients who have become dependent on medication originally prescribed to treat pain, depression, or anxiety.  These clients require a specialized plan that not only helps them to detox comfortably from the medication, but also then treats the underlying pain, depression or anxiety.  Our programs are highly individualized so that you are given exactly the right care for you, at the right times, to help you recover. We realize that depression and other co-occurring disorders only worsen all the other issues you face, so we will work with you to ensure that you leave with a solid treatment plan that addresses all your needs. You don’t have to suffer anymore.

This all happens in our luxurious Malibu sanctuary overlooking the white water views of the Pacific Ocean. We offer top notch accommodations, cuisine, spa treatments, and much more.

Please feel free to call us anytime. We are here to help. 800-332-9202.



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