Depression Symptoms in Men

Depression Symptoms in Men

The diagnosis of clinical depression in past decades has typically been considered among social circles to be “a woman’s disease.” However, that old-school assumption is long left in the dust, and today there are reports from the National Institute of Mental Health that indicate that more than six million males in the United States report bouts of depression annually.

Depression is now commonly accepted as something that can happen to anyone regardless of their gender, age, or socio-economic status. Depression symptoms in men and the common causes of depression in men in most aspects barely differ from the symptoms within women. The intrinsic variance in the experience between the sexes is that men may have a more complicated time recognizing their symptoms. Men typically take longer seeking treatment because of this, and the depression symptoms in men often presently themselves differently than with women.

Common Symptoms of Depression in Men

The signs and symptoms of depression in men are very similar to women and these symptoms may or may not include:

  • Feelings of sadness or a sense of loss even though nothing’s happened
  • Hopeless feelings or a pessimistic outlook
  • Feeling worthless, helpless, or guilty
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Lack of interest in previously enjoyed hobbies and activities including sex
  • Lack of energy
  • Feelings of fatigue
  • Trouble concentrating, remembering details, or making decisions
  • Difficulty sleeping or waking up early, or even sleeping in
  • Loss of appetite or appetite increases
  • Suicide attempts of conceptualizing the act of suicide

Are Depression Symptoms in Men Different at All?

Depression symptoms in men may differ in the way that men express these feelings. One of the most common symptoms of depression in men is simply their lack of expressing any emotion – that is until holding it all inside gets to be too much for them. This is when men may become more aggressive or irritable than usual or exhibits signs of depression. Many psychological experts purport that some men lacking the ability to express their emotions in itself may be one of the most common causes of depression in men.

Recognizing Depression Symptoms in Men

This behavior is also one of the reasons that depression in men is so hard to identify by both the sufferer and professionals. Many males tend to deny having any type of problems simply in an effort to preserve their ‘manly’ reputation as the strong one, the protector, etc. This rollover of American culture insinuates that feeling emotions such as depression is a feminine act, not to be acknowledged by real men; hence, it can be trying to identify depression symptoms in men – much less attempt to recognize the common causes of depression in men.

On the good side, men who suffer from depression seem to be capable of discussing any physical symptoms that relate to their depression such as being tired or having a lack in sexual intercourse. This alone can is often helpful to experts seeking to help men suffering from depression who may not even be aware of their condition.

Is Depression More Common in Elderly Men?

Yes, there is a correlation between the age of men and their risk for depression. Many experts and studies over the long term have indicated that many stressor may contribute to these statistics including:

  • Retirement – giving up a long-term career and the loss of income can fuel depression
  • Divorce or Death of Spouse – the course of aging takes a toll on loved ones and affects the sufferer with grief
  • Sexual Performance – many men grieve over the loss of their once thriving sexual prime
  • Friends and Relationships – as aging progresses the ability to get around to see friends declines
  • Health Issues – the addition of medication and/or chronic illness certainly qualifies as common causes of depression in men

The Long-Term Consequences of Untreated Depression in Men

What many people do not realize is that men are four times more prone to take their own life through suicide than women are. Staggering statistics estimate that between 75 and 80 percent of all suicide cases in the United States these days are males. Interestingly, more women actually attempt to commit suicide, but it is the male population that is by far more successful at completing the act. For just this one reason alone, discovering if their truly are any distinguishing causes of depression in men is vital.

Getting Beyond the Stigma to Recognize Depression Symptoms in Men

Men understandably may have a complicated time dealing and handling the stigma associated with being depressed. This may drive some men over the edge and into a lifestyle that may involve drugs and/or alcohol. Along with drugs and alcohol, there is an increased chance of becoming involved in other risky behaviors of a sexual nature, and these can have long-term, and oft fatal results on their own.

It’s imperative that friends, family, and those around men pay attention to even any subtle signs that their male friend or loved one may exhibit right away. You may be saving their life and the lives of others that they may encounter and affect with their behaviors while in a state of unrecognized depression.

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