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Sunset Malibu is Unique

The work we do at Sunset Malibu is truly a game-changer. Our clinicians approach the perspective of drug and alcohol dependence from a completely unique standpoint than other facilities, and provide you with a unprecedented level of therapy and aftercare. From one-on-one psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy and spiritual counseling, to experiential therapies including hypnotherapy, acupuncture, equine therapy, DBT, hypnotherapy, neurofeedback and more, we offer all the forward thinking services to insure your lasting and healthy recovery.

Sunset Malibu’s treatment cornerstone is comprised of individualized and intensive psychotherapy. This process begins with a clinical assessment and diagnostic evaluation conducted collaboratively with Sunset’s medical, psychiatric, and holistic team to formulate an individualized treatment plan for the client. The client then meets with the same therapist a minimum of three times per week to begin stabilizing distressing symptoms and working through underlying issues that are driving the destructive patterns, impulses, and maladaptive behaviors. Individual psychotherapy is conducted with an integrated approach that is based upon the clinical assessment and information gathered from the multidisciplinary team at Sunset Malibu, and may consist of a blend of intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioral modification, dialectical behavior therapy, systems family therapy, and more, which are listed below:

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