Blood Chemistry Analysis

Blood Chemistry Analysis

Upon admittance to Sunset Malibu our medical team performs a comprehensive blood chemistry analysis. This allows us to determine if there are any biochemical deficiencies that are contributing to your dependency. A vitamin D deficiency for example is very common in people with depression.

While we don’t subscribe to the model that addiction is a disease, we do know that one’s body chemistry can be a potential cause for your addiction. You may suffer from vitamin deficiencies, heavy metals, parasites, sometimes chronic viruses, and all of these things essentially add to the overall stress level on your body. A stressor is not just an emotional event, like a bad interaction with your mother. Stressors also come from things like a rock in your shoe, a flat tire, catching a cold. They don’t make you feel good, and this is where the substance dependence comes in to play because it becomes the only thing that does make you feel good.

Therefore, as soon as you arrive at Sunset Malibu, we perform a comprehensive blood analysis. In addition to standard tests like cholesterol and blood sugar levels, we also zero in on nutritional panels as well as highly specialized tests to observe your neurotransmitter levels. Our physician will then review all of the results with you and use that information to help shape your customized treatment program.

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