HypnotherapyOne-on-one, hour-long hypnotherapy sessions will allow you to discover your subconscious mind. Once in this state of mediation, our therapist accentuates your strengths and removes the negatives that are creating obstacles in your healing process.

Often times we don’t possess the courage or know-how to go through deep introspection and discover what is really stopping us from becoming the person we so desperately want to be. During your confidential one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, a Clinical Hypnotherapist will assist you achieve a state of mental relaxation that opens up your mind to positive imagery and suggestion. As a result of this process you will begin to see how fulfilling your life can be without substances, and at the same time you will be encouraged to take the necessary steps to reach this goal.

You will have less anxiety, an improved memory, and sleep in a way that you haven’t in many years. Hypnotherapy can also help you delve into your subconscious mind and discover why you became dependent on substances in the first place.

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