YogaAddiction can harm our physical and spiritual health and deeply affect those who love us. But people who struggle with dependencies are finding new hope through the calming and centering effects of yoga.

Yoga helps people with addictions increase self-awareness, enhance physical and mental stamina, detoxify the body, find a new social circle and connect to their inner spirituality. By cultivating awareness of feelings while in a common posture like downward facing dog, self-awareness is developed. Attention that was directed outward in a client’s addiction and self-destruction, becomes directed inward toward a spiritual, body, mind connection.

Yoga is also fundamental in relieving cortisol levels contributing to stress. Stress increases cravings to use drugs and alcohol. Yoga is incorporated to help clients discover new coping strategies for reducing stress and maintaining sobriety.

The practice of yogic postures, breathing, and meditation can aid recovery from many kinds of addiction, including drug, alcohol, food, gambling, and shopping addictions. Addicts suffer a great physical, psychological, and emotional toll because of their behaviors. The goal of yoga is to create peaceful union among the body, mind, and spirit. Although few studies have been conducted on this topic, those that have been done provide favorable results for the use of yoga as a treatment tool.

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