Brain Mapping

img-brain-mappingThe primary use of Brain Mapping at Sunset Malibu is to examine brainwave patterns, which assists in determining whether a Sunset client is an appropriate candidate for Neurofeedback, a treatment that normalizes brainwaves. Abnormal brainwave patterns can be another cause of someone becoming dependent on substances and normalizing those brainwaves could eliminate any desire or need to self-medicate. The process of brain mapping includes placing electrodes on your head which essentially help to take pictures of the electrical firing in your brain. It is a biofeedback tool which helps track the healing progress of your brain during treatment when it is performed on a regular basis. Being able to see a physical improvement over the course of weeks and months also helps clients feel that they are in fact improving and getting better. Addicts often feel like things cannot or will never get better, and having visible feedback like this to show them that their brain is in fact healing is often a huge encouragement for them in the recovery process.

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