img-sunset-malibuAt Sunset Malibu, another experiential therapy we offer is Breathwork. Breathwork is a powerful modality that uses breathing techniques to connect to the subconscious mind and restore our awareness to the blocks that may be causing negative behavioral patterns.

Most babies breathe connectedly all the time. They have not yet learned to suppress emotions. The suppression of emotions is a learned behavior that leads to an inhibition of the breathing pattern. Breathwork helps a client to return back to a natural breathing rhythm. Therapeutic Breathwork is the healing and focused application of conscious, connected breathing. Breathwork is used in the same manner that babies use breath; to naturally seek harmony, balance and fulfillment. With the help of a skilled therapist to help guide the conscious activation of the natural human respiratory cycle a client returns to self-awareness, transformation and integration.

On its own, the act of respiration naturally energizes, cleanses, purifies, uplifts and reconnects the human organism to a state of maximum balance as well as higher states of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Combining these inherent capabilities with conscious choice accelerates the healing effect by activating and supporting the spiritual desire to grow and improve oneself. Therapeutic Breathwork not only enhances the human respiratory function with conscious intent, but also seeks to engage the intelligence within the breath itself in order to promote a deeper self-connection and an improved sense of well-being, self-realization and self-esteem.

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