Chiropractic Care

img-sunset-malibuAfter using drugs and alcohol for many years, the vast majority of addicts are now void of brain chemicals that make them feel good. When the spinal cord and its nerves are functioning properly, chemicals known as neurotransmitters are released giving a feeling of a state of balance and well-being, and that is why chiropractic care is such an important therapy to include in an addiction treatment program. Chiropractic care falls into the therapeutic category, along with therapies like acupuncture, and massage. These are all things that help deal with body stress and how people process stress in and to the body, including historical injuries. Chiropractic care is a method used to bring comfort back in to the body, and to make it a little bit easier for people to re-inhabit their body. Using drugs can cause a disconnection from between one’s experience and their body. This method is a way to allow people to move back into their body with a positive experience, rather than a negative one. It is a way to reintroduce the idea that the body can be comfortable as well.

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