Clinical Body Work

img-sunset-malibuAt Sunset Malibu, our team understands that being healthy physically is essential to your overall well-being and Clinical Body Work helps achieve this. Improving awareness of your body and developing relaxation techniques and realizing your body as a sanctuary, are some of the benefits of therapeutic bodywork. Often trauma and even just every day stress can wear down our central nervous system, causing it to become dysregulated, resulting in either over or under functioning. A healthy, balanced central nervous system can automatically discharge traumatic stress, but one that has become overloaded can seem to stay “stuck on” displaying symptoms such as anger, rage, anxiety, panic attacks, hyperactivity, restlessness, sleep disturbances, chronic pain, hypervigilance, digestive problems. Trauma can cause our central nervous system to feel “stuck off” as well, resulting in depression, lethargy, chronic fatigue, low blood pressure, feelings of disconnection or even dissociation. We place great emphasis on teaching our clients effective somatic exercises which will allow for healthy emotional and physical self-regulation. Our greatest goal is to teach clients that the human body is a miraculously self-healing organism and that given the right conditions can restore itself back to health.

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