Equine Assisted Experiential Therapy

img-horseAnother innovative and cutting-edged treatment we provide at Sunset Malibu is equine assisted experiential therapy, whereby, interacting with horses offers a way to tap into your deep-seeded emotions.

Equine assisted experiential therapy is a highly effective experiential therapy when it comes to healing your dependence on drugs and alcohol. This groundbreaking therapy allows you to interact with a horse in a multitude of activities tailored to develop and enhance verbal and non-verbal communication, problem solving, initiative, trust, confidence and many other attributes.

There are profound physical and physiological benefits to interacting with horses. The exercises that are enacted in Equine Therapy often provide a mirror of how an individual approaches the world, relationships, and how they cope. Moving through the experiential, structured exercises can allow the individual to access emotions that have been numbed due to self-medication with drugs and alcohol. They may also learn how to set boundaries with others in their life, build communication, assertiveness and problem-solving skills, build self-worth, trust and confidence, overcome challenges, and begin to feel a sense of acceptance and healing.

Your response to the horse and the horse’s reaction to you will help demonstrate those components of your emotions, behavior, and relationships have been the catalyst for your dependence on drugs and alcohol. Although you will not be riding the horse, your interactions with the horse and a licensed Family Therapist is a highly-effective treatment to insure your lasting recovery.

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