Existential Therapy

img-sunset-malibuIn existential therapy at Sunset Malibu, the client and therapist bonding experience is paramount to healing. It is a time where the client comes to grips with their own self-destructive behaviors and moves out of being in denial and distortions of the truth.

Existential therapy starts with the belief that humans long to be connected to other humans. People seek to have meaning in one another’s lives, but ultimately they must come to realize that they cannot depend on others for validation. An individual struggling with this realization, acknowledging and understanding that they are fundamentally alone, along with the knowledge that our validation must ultimately come from within ourselves, is often anguished with great anxiety.

At Sunset Malibu our skilled therapists assist clients to reflect upon how the client has answered life’s fundamental question of separateness in the past and promote awareness of how one chooses to live one’s life in the present. This shifting of focus enables a client to experience a new freedom and is empowered with a responsibility to act. The client can then accept they are not at the mercy of destiny or fate and instead have ultimate power over how they choose to live. By accepting this, they can overcome their anxieties and view life as moments in which they are fundamentally free.

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