Gestalt Therapy

img-sunset-malibuAt it’s core, Gestalt therapy at Sunset Malibu looks at two things. The first is that the proper focus of psychology is the experiential present moment. In contrast to approaches, which look at the unknown, Sunset Malibu’s perspective is “live in the now”. The second idea is that we as humans experience a relationship with everything. It is only possible to deeply understand ourselves as we are, relative to everything around us.

Gestalt therapy is based in mindfulness and awareness, and incorporates cognitive, relational and humanistic approaches. It assists the clients in identifying and understanding what they are saying, feeling and experiencing in the context of the present moment. This allows for greater meaning and perceptions to be developed and thereby an understanding of the client’s self internally and relationally which can assist the client in making shifts toward adaptive change and experiencing new ways of being. The goal of Gestalt therapy is ultimately to create a greater sense of aliveness and fulfillment for the individual where they are freed from past blocks and unfinished business.

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