Group Therapy

img-sunset-malibuAt Sunset Malibu, this form of therapy is an effective therapy for different support groups, where participating group members can share and learn from the issues and experiences of others. This method of group therapy, often used with those who experience substance-abuse problems, is an effective compliment to the intense one-on-one therapy you receive at Sunset Malibu for coping with drug and alcohol dependence.

Group therapy sessions are comprised of the following: Experiential, Process, Art Therapy, Topic and Recovery-based Groups, Life Assessment, Journaling, Spirituality, Boundary Power, Meditation, Drama Therapy, Healthy Relationships, Life Skills, Equine Therapy and Relapse Prevention. The group experience can be a powerful vehicle of healing. Groups often bring together a population of different cohorts, experiences and cultures, creating a parallel process within the group where family dynamics, life themes and issues underlying addiction and disorders such as depression and anxiety come to the surface allowing for direct intervention, interpretation and integration of the individual’s experience. The group also provides an avenue for individuals to grieve, to find resolve, to connect, and to learn healthy and more adaptive ways to cope versus utilizing previously learned maladaptive and self-harming means of coping.

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