Journaling Therapy

img-sunset-malibuDuring your recovery process at Sunset Malibu and even during aftercare, support is essential. A proven effective way, that anyone can use to support themselves, is keeping an addiction recovery journal. An excellent tool for recovery, journaling therapy provides a record of gratitude, goals, intentions, and the ups and the downs of life.

Journal therapy is an effective way to treat many psychological and emotional issues. This extremely beneficial therapy has been shown to help a client manage their behavior and inner and outer conflicts. Through Journal therapy, clients have found a higher sense of self-awareness and are able to reduce anxiety and gain a sense of empowerment. Many clients who struggle with deep emotional conflicts, traumas, and addiction, are unable to express their feelings in a verbal or physical way.

Journaling allows a person the freedom of expression without fear of retaliation, frustration, or humiliation. By putting emotionally challenging situations on paper, a person has the ability to view them from a different perspective and gain insight into otherwise hidden facets of their behavior and actions. They can also see extremely subjective scenarios from an objective point of view.

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