Orthomolecular Therapy

img-sunset-malibuWhen you arrive at Sunset Malibu, as part of our Orthomolecular therapy you will see our Nutritionist for a full evaluation. This is of monumental importance because often times, your diet may be playing a role in your dependence to drugs and alcohol because you lack vital nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and essential oils that your body needs to function properly. Subsequent to your evaluation, the Nutritionist will prescribe a healthy diet based on healthy foods. They will also incorporate necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential oils supplements to enhance cellular health. The reason this is a vital part of a treatment program is because over time, an addict burns through amino acids, does not replenish vitamins and minerals, and completely wrecks the body. Replenishing these helps speeds the recovery of the body at the cellular level, and when the body starts to feel better, it starts a chain reaction because everything else wants to start feeling better too.

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