Personalized Treatment Programs

img-sandWhen you come to Sunset Malibu, our entire team supports you for the individual you are, with issues and needs that are specific to you. That is why we create tailored personalized treatment programs for each client. No one person has the same issues in which they are trying to cope and our customized program meets those specific issues, head-on.

At Sunset Malibu, we have always believed in a customized approach for each individual client. Out team understands that every person suffering from an addiction to drugs and alcohol has had unique experiences, as well as a unique social and family background. Also, there are wide-ranging neurological or medical issues that can contribute to one becoming dependent on substances.

Each addiction team professional meets with the client individually and considers all of these issues in order to glean insight into your dependence. Your entire team will then meet collectively to design a customized program for you consisting of 65-70 hours of individualized, one-on-one sessions per month. Our focus on individualized treatment allows us to offer more individual sessions than many other treatment facilities in the country.

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