At Sunset Malibu, our main approach to treatment is to provide the best holistic experience possible using a combination of several different therapies. In a short period of time we can see how much repair can be accomplished by holistic treatments before we determine if there is a need to introduce any other medications such as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors). Orthomolecular therapy and blood chemistry analysis help tell us what your body is missing and what it needs, and then we create a program that addresses these needs. During the course of these holistic therapies we may use brain mapping and neurofeedback to tell us the progress and repairs your brain is making.

Our clinicians understand that there may still be a need to provide certain clients medications based on their individual circumstances or based on their chemical makeup, and if the holistic therapies do not provide the desired results, then certain pharmaceuticals and SSRIs can assist in the recovery process. SSRIs work by blocking a receptor in the brain that absorbs the chemical serotonin, which is a chemical known to influence mood. As a result, SSRIs have the power to mildly influence mood, outlook, and behavior. It is important to note that certain medications don’t always work for everyone, and they may also work differently for different people. Through our complete evaluations, we will be able to develop the best treatment plan for you, based on all of your needs. Having many therapy options available, we can create the most effective program that will provide the best results.

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