img-psychotherapyThe Sunset Malibu team of clinical psychologists are some of the nation’s most renowned and respected professionals. In private, one-on-one, hour-long psychotherapy sessions, they will assist you in peeling back the layers and discover the hidden pain that’s has caused your dependence to alcohol and drugs.

Psychotherapy involves many different domains of practice that are aimed towards thoughts, behaviors, emotions, relationships or the unconscious. Psychotherapy is directed towards improving someone’s life and well-being through stabilizing psychiatric issues, adapting coping mechanisms, resolving past traumas, changing negative thought patterns, learning life skills, assisting in emotional regulation, and aiding the individual in gaining positive, corrective experiences in their life.

At Sunset Malibu, we believe that your dependence to drugs and alcohol is rooted in some unresolved, deep-seeded issue. For instance, you may have been traumatized as a child, and in order to deal with that fear, it was buried deep in your sub-conscious mind. These memories never go away and can affect us on all levels of consciousness, causing us to abuse substances in order to manage the pain. Being unable to cope with relationships, our professional life, death of a loved one, self-esteem issues, or treatable psychological disorders are other common reasons people abuse substances in order to dull the pain.

Through several confidential, one-on-one sessions with a Clinical Psychologist we will discover and heal the issues that caused your dependence on drugs and alcohol. Then we will help you recognize and change the behavioral patterns that have been created as a result of those underlying issues so you can lead a healthy life.

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