Rational Emotive Therapy

img-sunset-malibuAt Sunset Malibu, rational emotive therapy focuses on helping the Sunset client resolve emotional and behavioral issues and operates under the premise that a client’s emotions are caused by their own belief system.

The RET framework assumes that humans have both innate rational and irrational tendencies as a result of experience and leaning. As a result of some adverse or traumatizing events people will sometimes consciously and unconsciously construct emotional and psychological frameworks of belief that result in self-blame, self-pity, anger, shame, depression and anxiety. These beliefs are sometimes accompanied by behavioral coping techniques like over-compulsiveness, obsessions, isolation and addiction.

At Sunset Malibu our skilled therapist use RET to educate a client how to actively identify, question and dispute rigid, unrealistic, illogical, extreme, irrational and self-defeating beliefs which lead to patterns of addiction and replace them with more rational and self-helping ones. Through the use of such interventions as the A-B-C-model of psychological disturbance and change a client learns that “A” (adversity or an activating event) in and of itself is not what normally contributes to maladaptive emotional and behavioral consequences (“C”) like those found in patterns of addiction. “C” (consequences) are a result of what people “B” (believe) about the “A” (activating event or adversity).

By using cognitive, emotive and behavioral methods, a Sunset Malibu client, together with help from our therapists, will gain a more rational, self-helping and constructive rational way of thinking, emoting and behaving.

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