Relapse Prevention Therapy

img-sunset-malibuTherapists at Sunset Malibu provide a counseling procedure called relapse prevention therapy, which can teach clients in recovery how to recognize and manage warning signs of relapse so a return to chemical use becomes unnecessary. Therapists help clients identify the problems, warning signs, and triggers that can lead to relapse, then help clients identify healthy alternative ways of coping.

Most clients experience progressive warning signs that reactivate denial and cause so much pain that self-medication with alcohol and/or drugs seems to be their only answer. Clients are asked to discuss their typical sequence of problems that lead to their abuse of substance(s) and develop a new way of thinking about their issues that could contribute to a potential relapse, and develop alternative healthy ways of coping to avoid relapse. This means learning non-chemical problem solving strategies for high risk situations involving daily stressors and emotional discomfort, which often includes personal relationships.

In this way, clients can diffuse irrational thinking, manage painful feelings, and stop the self-defeating behaviors before they lead to alcohol and/or drug use.

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